Curly Hairstyle

This is the first one I tried!
I took so many photo’s!! I don’t know if I can show you all!
I did the spiral iron first!
Here is the tutorial!

You start with dry straight hair, if your hair is wet it can be dangerous with the heat you are using. So don’t do that! This is the hair we are starting with
So you sepparate your hair in 3 sections put the rest up so it isn’t in your way!
They you spray heat protect  ( I am using Syoss spray)
Then you take your iron and take a small section! ( the smaller the section the tighter the curl)

So here I did a few sections, you can see there are still little hairs that are straight.
You can either leave it like that or take the together and curl them.
After I did the first layer I took my hair and take them to one side.
then I put a new section and pulled the rest up again.
After doing that section I pulled only my bangs up again. I tell you the reason in a sec!
Then I did the rest of my hair but by bangs.
Because you don’t want your bangs sticking in your eyes you curl them the other way around! ( I forgot to take a picture of that!)
After that you can put some mouse in or spray with hairspray to set it.

You got this as a result!
I am going to this one more time to maybe fill more photo’s in!
If you got questions, do not hesitate to ask!

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