Wavy hair tutorial

Yaaaay my first hair tutorial!
Sit down girls and watch closely
This is the easiest look you have ever seen!

Products I used:

* Hairspray ( can be any brand )
* Hair mouse ( also be any brand )
* cocosnut oil ( any product that will make your hair shine )

You start with

Towel dry hair
( When my hair is wet it curls, I applied mouse
a bit of a think layer so the braid will be stronger)

Then you braid your hair
( You can do this either my way or with a
french braid, my layers are not good enough for that)

After braiding I put some hairspray on the braids
( this is for hold so the braids would not get frizzy )

Then you take a night sleep!
( or 8 hours time )

When I woke up I took the braids out and just
pulled my hair apart. ( Don’t use a brush!)
I applied the coconut oil for the shine
( This is the result! )

I hope you girls like this tutorial!
Commend beloww!!

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2 Responses to Wavy hair tutorial

  1. Wigs says:

    It looks lovely! i cannot wait to try it on my own. Thank you for sharing!

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