Brown eye

Yay!!! Today is my first beauty tutorial,
so I’m not going to give them really names I leave that up to you guys.
So think of a really cute name for this tutorial and comment it!
I’ll choose the best and thats the name!

So you start with a base shade.
Mine is from a regular drugstore and has a bit of a white color to it. ( This one was like € 2,99 ($ 3,84)
Its really an amazing base because the colors you put on stay on for like a whole day!

What I did next is I covered my dark cirkels and shades with my coverstick from I believe essential ( I bought this in Germany ) I don’t know how much it was but I really swear by this!

Okay so when you got this you take a smokey eye color
( I took the gold/yellow/brown colors cuz it gives that 3D effect)

You start with the most yellow color ( the lightest color)

You put the color all over the eyelid and it doesn’t matter if you do that roughly ( Because you’ll be blending with an other color )
You should get something that looks like the picture ( I’m not the best I know!!! )

Now you take a more darker color ( for me I choose the darkest )

What you’re going to do now is take a blendingbrush and start
blending from 3/4 of the eye to the outer corner.
( I like to give it a wing, simply because I love that!)

You should get something like the following photo’s

What you’ll need next is mascara
Also what I have is a triangled brush for eyeliner.
( FUNNY PART!: I use a black eyeshadow with a bit water for eyeliner, it works amazing!)
( optional: Lash curler)

And this would be your result!

I hope you guys liked my first tutorial!

Don’t forget to comment!

Much love,


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